New Album in September 2015

Alright folks we got a new album out called “Sveriges Sista Dagar E.p” and it contains more Swedish lyrics than usual. The titel (Last Days of Sweden) does´nt have to be interpreted litterally, but it´s no joke either. It deals with the concept of nations more and more beeing infiltrated by global forces and loosing their own Power of Control, it has been going on a long time but it´s getting more and more obvious that it does´nt matter what kind of political party has the Power. More or less the same thing happens.. Anyway enough of politics we have 3 instrumental tracks on aswell and even a “Happy End”, so something for all kinds of moods…

Keep on rockin- Crazymen

Official Music Video for the first track: “Okristen Alien Invasion”:

The titel track “Sveriges Sista Dagar”: