CrazyMEn – Book v.2.0 & Live DVD

To celebrate our 15 year together as a band we have now released a book and a Live DVD. The book is published in both PDF format and printed “Hard cover” format. PDF is free and the printed book can be purchased for 279 sek directly from our Publisher “Publit” by clicking the link below:

book crazy omslag

In case of a Internet Breakdown it´s always good to have a physical copy on the shelf, then your fun is not dependent on electricity… Free PDF book though can be downloaded here and printed by yourself in case of an electric collapse scenario also:!AvuSXs9w4R1ggSZTA0YvvMejXUhB

The DVD is from our 15 year celebration gig and can be purchased in the “MERCH” section directly from us or be watch for free on Youtube… click link below:

Dvd omslag crazymen 15 years