Our 197 page book :

The CrazyMEn – I Gud och Humorns Tjänst, 15 år av galenskap” can be orderd as a physical copy through “publit-widget-shop” by clicking on the Picture or the link below..  279 Sek is the price, we tried to make it lower but because of many colour pictures it went up (but the PDF file is for Free!!)

book crazy omslag

Link to free PDF file:!AvuSXs9w4R1ggSZTA0YvvMejXUhB

All our recordings can be orderd on either CD, LP  or Kassette by sending an email to:, different payment methods can be used such as paypal etc. Price depend on order…

2002 *First Hair Cutting” (10 song demo)
2003 *Give it all or give it nothning” (10 Song demo)
2004 “The Crazymen E.P” (7 song demo)oru
2004 “Punk for Rabbits” (10 song demo)
2005 “Your Hate Old Man” (2 song Debut single on Vuv Records)
2007 “Banned In Upsala E.p” (4 song on Vuv Records)
2010 “Year 2017, U understand What we mean E.p” (6 song e.p on Vuv Records)
2010 “Year 2018, Era of the new scene E.p” (4 song e.p on Eden Records / U.K)
2011 “Punk For Rabbist Vol. 2, Studio, Live & Demos 2004-2011” (12 song album on Noise Control Records / U.K)
2011 “Rabbit Execution” (11 song album on Vuv Records)
2012 “All Rabbits Must Hide” (13 Songs album on Vuv Records)
2013 “Raggare o Punkarsvin Über Alles E.p” (8 Songs on Vuv Records)
2013 “Beard Restrictions for Rabbits Not for Goats” (12 Songs on Vuv Records)

2015 “Senior Acustic Versions” (10 songs on Vuv Records)

2015 “Sveriges Sista Dagar E.p” (8 Songs on Vuv Records)

2017 “Forest Punker 5777, Episode 1 & 2” (24 songs Dubble Album on Vuv Records)

Featured on Compilation albums:

2013 “Vuv Records Sampler Vol. 1”
2014 “Vuv Records Sampler Vol. 2”
2015  “Vuv Records Sampler Vol.3” 

2016  “Vuv Records Sampler Vol. 4”

2017  “Vuv Records Sampler Vol. 5”



2009 “Screw the Music police” – Live Concert at Bryggeriet / Motala / Sweden

2013 “From the forest to The Stage” – Live Conert 3 cameras in Bromölla / Sweden

2017 “15 Year Celebration Gig” – Live Concert 3 cameras at Pingstkyrkans källare / Motala / Sweden


Latest design “Forest Punker 5777 – Teknokratin är en avgud…”



More are also avilable… get in touch for more info…



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